Top 3 Uses of Mosaic Tiles

Many commercial and residential property owners in Joondalup favours mosaic tiles as a unique design feature for their space. It is perhaps one of the most suitable tiling options you can have if you wish to have an elegant and tastefully decorated space. Mosaic tiles offer a unique visual flair and appeal when utilised in any room. Since it comes in a multitude of sizes, shapes, colours and patterns that can be mixed and matched – you will not run out of creative and sophisticated design schemes to choose from.

Although mosaic tiles are typically made with small and square tiles, at Joondalup Tiling, we can offer you a diverse and distinctive collection. From metallic, geometrics, hexagons, and chevrons – we guarantee that our team can cater to any classic or contemporary designs you require. If you wish to discover more about the mosaic tiles we offer in Joondalup Tiling, check out its benefits and the ways on how you can use them.

What are the advantages of using mosaic tiles?

Before you decide to use mosaic tiles in your living space or commercial establishment, it is essential to know the benefits they can extend to you. Our team will share the advantages of using mosaic tiles to aid you in making informed decisions for your space.

it has the luminous nature of mirrored glass, so it can be conveniently combined with your preferred lighting to create a distinctive and attractive feature in your room

it is a great feature for any interior design

mosaic tiles are a robust and long-lasting tiling option

it requires low upkeep and is resistant to chemicals

mosaic tiles offer versatile and unique designs that can add depth and flair to your space

it is a more environment-friendly choice

Where can it be used best?

If you are set to have mosaic tiles on your property but are still scouring for inspiration, check where these tiles can be used best.


Having a splashback installed is an excellent way to protect your kitchen’s walls from the daily wear and tear caused by spills and splashes. Mosaic tiles can be a great choice for splashbacks. It can provide you with the functionality you require as well as the aesthetic appeal that can significantly boost your kitchen’s appeal.

Feature Walls

If you wish to have a simple yet stylish way to spruce up your room, you can designate a wall as your feature or accent wall. With mosaic tiles, you can have a variety of contemporary design schemes for your feature walls. You can use it to create an aesthetically pleasing and durable feature wall in your bathroom. At Joondalup Tiling, our seasoned experts can provide you with a great selection of mosaic tile designs that will blend into your existing interior or exterior and make your space stand out.

Distinct Zones

The concept of “zoning” pertains to the strategic way of breaking up big open-plan areas to transform them into a more welcoming and cozy setting. Mosaic tiles can be utilised on the small sections of the walls or floors to create a zone or section on the open-plan spaces. Through this tiling option, you can mix and match various materials and patterns. Besides that, you can opt to have a minimalist or intricately styled zones using mosaic tiles.

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