4 Essential Things to Consider When Choosing Tiles for Your Home

With all the tile materials, shapes, colours, sizes and styles available in the market today, choosing the right tiles in Joondalup can be an overwhelming task, especially if you do not know where to start. Although you may be drawn to one tile option, it is still vital to take into consideration the factors that may either make or break the results of your tiling project.

Whether you want to glam up your new home or need to rejuvenate your wall or flooring, getting the most suitable tile option is important in ensuring that you can attain the top-quality results you require and prefer. So if you are scouring for some tips on how you can determine which tiles will work best for your space, our professional team in Joondalup Tiling got your back! Check out the five essential things to consider when choosing the right tiles for your home below.

What look and functionality do you want to attain?

Visualizing the style and functionality you require for your space is crucial because it is your starting point. Do you wish to add a pop of colour to your walls, or do you need a textured tile for your hardscape areas? What do you think is the style that will work best with your existing interior or exterior design? When you are just starting to create your vision for your tile project, it might be best to go over some magazines and inspirations online to have a better idea of the results you want to attain.

What is the right tile size for your space?

There are varying sizes of tiles available out there, so it is vital to determine what is best suited for your area. Choosing large tiles for small spaces is an excellent tip you can consider when picking the size of your tiles. It is because when large tiles are utilized in a small space, it can make the area look more spacious. On the other hand, small tiles are a great alternative for kitchen and bathroom walls because they can be designed to be the focal point in that area. Mosaic tiles can also be a good choice if you wish to achieve a unique appeal because you can incorporate various tiles sizes in this material.

What is your preferred colour and design scheme?

What design and colour scheme do you prefer for your tiles? Do you prefer to have a style that stands out and uses bold patterns or colours? Or perhaps you opt to have a classic style that uses neutral colours and seamlessly blends into your interior design? No matter what you decide on, you can conveniently consult with our experts in Joondalup Tiling if you need professional advice.

What tile material do you need and prefer?

Choosing the right tile material is not just based on its visual appeal. It is also vital to determine if the functionality it offers is suited to the area you plan to install. Here are some of the tile materials you can consider:

Porcelain Tiles

This tile material is one of the best options for bathroom surfaces because it is resistant to water, stains, grime and mould. It is more resilient and long-lasting compared to other tile alternatives like wood and stone.

Ceramic Tiles

Porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles are sometimes confused as one, but the latter is more affordable and easier to cut. It is durable and comes in various styles, so you can use it for your feature walls and floors.

Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles are a growing favourite for many property owners in Joondalup because you can have the aesthetic appeal of other tiling materials combined into one. You can have intricate and unique patterns for your tiles, so mosaic tiles can be a great option if you want an accent wall.

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