5 Advantages of Subway Tiles for Your Home

Want to know one of the most popular tile materials that will never go out of style? Well, our team got your back. Try using subway tiles if you are scouring for the right tiles that can offer you a clean and minimalist finish. Subway tiles are a versatile and simple tile choice that can work wonders in any space. They are widely utilized in homes, hotels, restaurants or even high-end commercial establishments.

At Joondalup Tiling, we greatly recommend using subway tiles because this material can easily blend into any theme and suit a diverse range of interior or architectural styles. Besides that, they are a trendy tile choice that can be used in many ways, so you will not have a shortage of design concepts if you will plan to have them for your property. If you prefer to learn more about subway tiles, here are the reasons it is considered a leading tile choice for residential and commercial applications.

Subway tiles work well in any space.

Just like what its name suggests, this tile material was first used in subway train stations in New York. Although subway tiles were introduced during the early 1900s, years of innovations made their vintage and brick-like aesthetic suitable for any space. You can commonly see them on walls and backsplashes of homes or commercial establishments. With its sleek finish and minimalist design, you can utilize these tiles in areas with contemporary or classic themes.

It offers a timeless aesthetic appeal.

One of the problems you may face when renovating your property is that the style and material you will use may look out of place and unattractive after a few years. That is why it might be better to invest in a material and style that can offer you a timeless aesthetic. Subway tiles provide a classic visual appeal that will not look dated or out of place no matter what trend or theme you are going for. With proper care and maintenance, the looks of your subway tiles can stay chic and functional regardless of how many years you have them in your space.

Subway tiles are an excellent choice for spaces exposed to moisture.

Since this tile material is usually wide and rectangular in shape, it can effectively cover a large surface area on walls, especially those frequently exposed to water. Subway tiles also have a very thin grout line between each tile, so there will be minimal space where moisture can stay or mould can build up. For this reason, this tile material is an ideal choice for bathroom walls and kitchen backsplashes.

It is easy to clean and maintain.

As mentioned above, subway tiles typically have thin lines and tight grout joints, so there will be lesser space where dirt and grime can accumulate and thrive. Besides that, this tile choice also has a large surface area, so it is easier to wipe and clean it.

Subway tiles can help brighten up dim spaces.

Since this tile type was originally used on underground train stations, it is designed to be highly reflective compared to other tile varieties. Subway tiles are usually made from glazed ceramic tiles, so they have a distinctive glossy finish. They are an ideal choice for dim areas because they can effectively reflect light and brighten up the space. If you plan to use them in a room that doesn’t get enough sunlight, you can opt for the classic white subway tiles or try other bright colour varieties.

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