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Tile removal Service in Joondalup

Noticeable cracks, loose tiles, streaks, fading, grout discolouration, and other damages make the tiles appear less than spectacular over time due to natural wear and tear. These problems are popular with old tiles and can be difficult to repair or impossible in the worst-case scenario. Your best solution is to remove and replace those old tiles.

Removing floor tile is a challenging and time-consuming process, and the difficulties are often covered before the work begins. Whatever is under a tile floor, pulling it requires time, patience, and consideration to ensure that the surface can embrace whatever comes next. 

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Dust-Free Removal

Grout holds the tiles together, and thinset is used to adhere them to the surface. All of this mortar must be sawed, pounded, and chipped away to strip the tile and pave the base for re-flooring, reducing a large amount of it to gritty grit.

Dust-Free Tile Removal is the practice of scraping tile while reducing the amount of fine toxic particles that escape into the air using an advanced vacuum attachment on tile removal equipment.

Dustless tile removal involves hammering, chipping, and grinding the tile and thinset mortar away using advanced equipment. Simultaneously, vacuum-type attachments absorb the toxic particulates that are a normal by-product of the flooring removal method. As a result of the immaculate working atmosphere, we’ve seen homeowners cook and eat lunch while watching us perform.


Tile Removal Process

Step 1: Trim Removal

Remove all trim and baseboards from the space before you begin removing the tile. Carefully remove all components so that they can be quickly reinstalled after you’ve done cleaning the tile and installing the new board. Also, make sure that all vents in the room are covered so that dust does not enter them.

Step 2: Tile Removal

If you want to save the tiles, this step is more complicated than simply replacing them. You can begin by crushing the tiles with a hammer if you don’t care about saving them. Begin by breaking up a single tile with the hammer’s tip. Remove the rest of the tile with a chisel, then the tiles nearby with a chisel.

It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to save the tile if it’s cemented to the concrete. If the tiles are stubborn, smash them up with a hammer and scrub them down with a floor scraper.

Step 3: Underlayment Removal

Remove any screws that might be holding the underlayment to the floor before replacing it. Then pry up the sides of the underlayment with a roofing rake or a flat shovel. Since adhesive removal may be difficult, removing and replacing the underlayment can be worth your time and effort. It’s possible that if it’s vintage, it’ll deteriorate anyway.

Step 4: Subfloor Cleaning

Scrape any leftover adhesive from the subfloor, then pick off any nails, tile fragments, or anything else that might have fallen onto it. Make any repairs or cleanings that are needed. The subfloor should be free of clutter, washed, and in good condition before adding a new floor.

Joondalup Tiling's Tile Removal Service

One of Joondalup Tiling’s services is tile removal. This is something we’ve been doing for a long time. Our tile removal crew is outfitted with top-of-the-line tools, supplies, and protective gear to complete the job on schedule. To put it another way, each team member is a specialist in tile removal projects of any scale.

We understand that your time is valuable and that you might be on a tight timeline to finish your home renovations. We come out for a consultation before removing the tiling to give you an estimation and a period for completion. Most residential workers are completed in one or two days, so we’ll be out of your way in no time! Furthermore, we only have tiling services when it is most convenient for you.

Call us now if you have any concerns or to set up a time for us to drive over and give you an estimate. We are looking forward to meeting you, learning more about your idea, and welcoming you into our team!